HIKARI 高夠力 昆蟲啫喱 Leopa Gel 60g



Product description: Leopa Gel 60g No Mixing Required-Just squeeze out the soft, chewy, flavor-filled formulation from the spout and feed! Delightful Taste-LeopaGel™ is readily accepted. Our feeding trials confirm over 80% acceptance on the first try! Lab-Verified Nutrient Mix-Rich in mealworm meal, silkworm meal and all the necessary trace nutrients insect-eating reptiles need to live a long and health-filled life while eliminating the need for added supplements. At the Hikari® Aquatic Lab we successfully bred Leopard Geckos with the parents and babies eating only LeopaGel™. Ideal Diet For Most Insect-Eating Reptiles-Great for all types of reptiles who normally eat crickets, mealworms or other live insects. Significantly Reduces Maintenance & Odor-Continued, exclusive use helps reduce odor especially when compared to live food feeding. The feces does not easily stick to enclosure surfaces thereby reducing ongoing enclosure maintenance. Specially Designed Pouch Maintains Quality-The LeopaGel™ packing process eliminates parasite and bacterial concerns and the lack of preservatives reduces the chance of longer term health issues.