NutriBAC 爬蟲益生菌 50g



Production description: 爬蟲益生菌 50g NutriBAC df is a dietary supplement for appetite stimulation by replenishing beneficial intestinal microflora. This probiotic stimulates the reptile and amphibian's appetite lost to the effects of stress of moving, poor diet, hostile cage mates, or low level of disease. All natural, specially formulated probiotic for Reptile and Amphibian health. Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Bacilus subtilis, Aspergillus oryze, Bacillis amyloliquefaciens, Enterococcus facieum, Lactobacillus casei, L.acidophilus NutriBAC df is the only patented probiotic on the market for the use in reptiles and amphibians. All Natural. There are no known side effects to using NutriBACdf.

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